Topics Include:

  • Why confidence is so important in your career progression

  • A simple, proven process to boost your confidence

  • Why staying calm and poised in stressful moments is critical

  • How to amplify your strengths rather than worry about weaknesses

Meet Your Mentor

Mentor Rob Gagnon

Rob has recently founded his own consulting business after a distinguished executive career in the retail and fashion industry. After beginning his career as a store manager at Express, he transitioned to Victoria's Secret as a Buyer and eventually worked his way up to Director of Merchandising. He subsequently spent a combined 13 years (in two different stints) in senior leadership roles at Gap with a stop at Ralph Lauren in between. Eventually, Rob moved to Land's End as the SVP of Merchandising, where he was responsible for developing and implementing growth strategies and testing new concepts for the brand.

Rob is a talented merchant and leader whose blend of business savvy and creativity allows him to drive consistent results. He has a passion for his colleagues and team members and enjoys mentoring professionals who are trying to grow their careers.

Rob holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, General and Fashion Merchandising from Otterbein University