Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Lesson 1 - The Relationship Between Conflict and Leadership

    3. Conflict Style - Self Assessment

    4. Lesson 2 - Assessing Different Conflict Styles

    5. Lesson 3 - Learning to Resolve Conflict

    6. Lesson 4 - Moving to Problem Solving Mode

    7. Wrap-Up

About this course

  • 7 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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Meet Your Mentor

Mentor Justin Noll

Justin Noll has over 30 years of experience in leadership, operations, consulting, training, teaching, and team building. He has had diverse leadership experiences which include 5 years as an officer in the US Navy, executive positions in pharmaceutical manufacturing for Merck and PRWT, leadership program development as a consultant, teaching at a university, and as VP of R&D and Supply Chain for SEKISUI KYDEX, a durable plastics manufacturing company. Justin is the founder of JD Noll Strategies LLC.

Justin’s leadership approach has been guided by the simple definition that: ‘Leadership is a process of social influence that maximizes the efforts of others toward the accomplishment of a goal’. (Kevin Kruse) All of Justin’s executive coaching and customized training programs flow from this concept and focus on all the elements that enable a leader to maximize the results of his team. This includes everything from goal setting and conflict resolution to continuous improvement and strategic planning. His philosophy also leans heavily on the works of Patrick Lencioni and stresses the leader’s role in setting the Thematic Goal and Defining Objectives for the organization, in order to help eliminate silos and align the entire workforce.

Justin’ passion for personal and organizational growth was started early in his career at Merck, when he was a regular facilitator for the Principle Centered Leadership program. This weeklong personal development and leadership training (based on S. Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) was given to all employees and sparked Justin’s drive to help to develop people and position them for growth. He continued with this work through the rest of his career, developing programs ranging from a novel Manufacturing Engineer Development Program to experiential training on all facets of leadership including strategy, employee motivation, conflict resolution, feedback, and team building.

As an engineer, Justin’s love of continuous improvement found the perfect tools when he was introduced to the Improvement Kata, a continuous improvement methodology based on the concepts outlined in Toyota Kata by Mike Rother. This teachable pattern for working scientifically to pursue improvement goals in complex systems has a structured approach to simultaneously make process improvements while coaching employees to develop their improvement capabilities. This in turn helps create a long-term improvement culture in the organization.

Justin is a coach for Special Olympics NC in equestrian and pickleball and participates in all sorts of outdoor activities including mountain biking, snowboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, pickleball, and an occasional triathlon.

Justin has earned a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Degree from Villanova University and an MBA from Bloomsburg University. He currently resides in NC and travels throughout the US to deliver executive coaching and customized training and teambuilding programs.